5 Wild Safari Face Paint Ideas

5 Wild Safari Face Paint Ideas

5 Wild Safari Face Paint Ideas

Join us on an African Safari - here are 5 face paint ideas to inspire you..

At Face Paint Shop Australia, we believe in the power of face painting to unleash the spirit of adventure and bring characters to life.

Giraffes, cheetahs, lions, and elephants...

Whether you're organizing a themed party, attending a costume event, or simply looking for a creative activity, these designs will transport you to the heart of the safari.

Whether you're an experienced face painting professional or a beginner, these face paint designs offer an opportunity to enhance your skills and add a touch of safari magic to your face paint.

Image courtesy of miss.ambersfacepaint

Image courtesy of lenniedin

Image courtesy of doodlecheeks

Image courtesy of aurorafaceandbodyart

Image courtesy of annamarie.wood.18

Thank you to the face painters who kindly gave permission to share their photos and designs. We're sure you'll want to go follow each artist and get to know them better. You can visit their Instagram gallery by clicking on the caption/image - please tell them we sent you.

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